Family Tree Name: Genealogy
Submitted by: Genie Milgrom on: 4/8/2014
File: Milgrom_FamilyTrees-r2a.xls

An Excel compatible spreadsheet showing lineages for:

  • Ramirez Tree Direct Lineages with Inquisition References
  • Mogadouro Lineage
  • Carvajal Lineage
  • Possible Spinoza Relationship

Also includes the most common names on the tree and occupations of my family. The Ramirez Tree Tab that says THIS IS THE TREE shows in Olive Green, Those ancestors that came before the Inquisition.  They each have a number and you can find the names in a searchable tab called names on my tree .  The names with the Stars of David on top are the direct relationships in the family and the ones without the Star are married into the family. At the end of the day, all the marriages were with cousins but for the purpose of this tree, I show them without a Star of David. Some  items are also provided in PDF format on this page.

Family Tree Name: Names
Submitted by: Genie Milgrom on: 4/8/2014
File: MostCommonNamesOnMyTree.pdf

Common names on my family tree

Family Tree Name: Occupations of my family
Submitted by: Genie Milgrom on: 4/8/2014
File: FamilyOccupations.pdf

Occupations of my family