By Genie Milgrom

Partial list of Crimes of those judged in the Spanish Inquisition

Lista Parcial de los crimenes de la Inquisicion

Being Anglicans




Defacing a Church or Cemetery

False Conversions



Hechicera ( Witchcraft)





Morisco (Moor)

Offenses against the Holy Office of the Inquisition







Unnatural Marriage (Between two people who could not bear (children)


You were arrested for the following 

Believing in the law of Moses

Guarding the Sabbath

Wearing a clean shirt on Shabbat

Wearing better clothing on Holidays

Fresh tablecloths on Friday Nights

Changing the sheets on Fridays

Not having light on the Sabbath in the home

Soaking or Salting Meat

Taking the Nerve out of the cow or other animal

Killing animals in a specific way

Saying certain special words

Making sure knives were sharp with the tip of the finger

Covering blood with dirt

Eating meat during Lent

Eating Meat on other Catholic Holidays where no meat is eaten

Believing they could eat meat and it was not a sin

Fasting on the large fast where Jews ask for forgiveness

Being barefoot on the Day of the Big Fast” Yom Kippur”

If they went around asking others to forgive them for transgressions

Putting hands on your children’s head and moving your lips

If you fasted on the Feast of Saint Esther

If you fasted on the Holiday of the Ninth of Av when the Jews lost their Holy House

Fasting until the first star on other days before the Fast of Av

Not eating meat for nine days before and bathing before the fast

Burning Nails and Hair after cutting

Praying Jewish Prayer Raising and lowering your head

Praying facing a wall ans washing your hands with water or dirt before

Wearing open necked garments with strings and knots

Celebrating the Holiday of special bread that begins with eating lettuce,celery or another greenery

Shaking bouquets of greenery

Honoring the holiday of candles and light lighting one by one each day

Only drinking wine made at home

Faking to be playing cards at the table. Barrajas

Taking the wine glass in the center of your hand, saying a few words and everyone at the table drinking from the same glass

Only eating meat killed by Jews

Saying the psalms of David without starting each one with the Latin words Gloria Patri

If they were waiting for the Messiah

Or saying a Messiah has yet to come

If a woman would wait 40 Days after birth before entering a house of worship

If a child was circumcised on the 7th night of birth

Bathing a Child right after Baptism

Putting a newborn in a basin and throwing in gold,Silver and other finery

Marrying in  a Jewish way

Taking a bit of dough from the Challah and burning it

Turning a person who is going to die towards a wall

Washing and dressing a corpse with oils and linen

Putting the head on a pillow with virgin soil

Eating on the floor

Sitting on the Floor

Eating fish and olive and no meat when a relative dies

Burying only in Virgin Soil 

Obtained from Cincuenta A~os de Inquisicion en el Tribunal de Cartagena de Indias 1610-1660 CEJA Anna Maria Splendiani

There are many many more depending on the country. For example in Mexico, there are many crimes such as hitting a Christ statue, Wearing the image of Christ on the bottom of your shoe, Smashing an image and many more.