By Genie Milgrom

Spanish Inquisition 

To locate records of the Spanish Inquisition , one must determine which tribunal or Court was governing the location where your family lived at the time. Even with that said , many people were caught and tried in other villages and were never brought back to the tribunal that was responsible .

Initially, the Tribunals would set up and move around from place to place but later, buildings were erected and permanent locations were established.

Below is a list of the  large permanent locations in Spain, in the Kingdom of Castille.

Cordoba 1482                      Cuenca 1489

Granada 1526                      Las Palmas ( Canary Islands) 1505

Llerena 1485                        Logroño 1512

Murcia 1488                       Santiago de Compostela 1574

Seville 1482                         Toledo 1485

Valladolid 1488

Below is a list of the permanent locations in Spain, Kingdom of Aragon

Barcelona 1484                   Majorca 1488

Valencia   1482                    Zaragoza 1482

Below is a list of the Tribunals in Portugal

Coimbra  1541                     Evora 1536

Goa                                      Lisbon 1536

Lamego  1541                     Porto 1536

Tomar     1536

The Inquisition in Sicily had a permanent location in Palermo and Sardinia , in the town of Sassari.

Tribunals in the Americas were established in  

Cartagena de Indias ( present day Colombia ) 1610

Lima, Peru 1569

Mexico City , Mexico 1569 


Harvard University Records of the Spanish Inquistion Published in 1828 .

The document is available online and are original manuscripts from the Inquisition i of Barcelona translated into English.

University of Notre Dame  has an interesing collection with transcripts of some trials from Spain as well as Mexico City

The Inquistion collection can be found at the following website

The Torre Do Tombo Files that are physically located in Lisbon, Portugal  can be seen for the most part digitized.

The Collection can be searched through this site:

Or through this link where a larger number of documents can be located  that are also Church Documents . You can putt he name you are searching for in the box called PESQUISAS.

Inquisition Archives for Barcelona

This website of Internet Archives from Harvard University allows you to see some Inquisition Records from Barcelona with actual processes and manuscripts that were processed in that Tribunal. These records are rare and translated into English. They were obtained in 1828.

Inquisition Archives for Canarias

El Museo Canarias

This museum has Inquisition archives from the Canary Islands that are digitized

Doctor Verneau 2, Vegueta

3500 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

Tel: 928 336 800

Fax: 928 336 801


Inquisition Archives for Cuenca

Archivo Diocesano de Cuenca

Church Records and a special Inquisition Collection from the Tribunals

Calle Obispo Valero, 2. Palacio Episcopal.

16001 Cuenca, Spain

Tel: 969 21 20 11 and 969 21 24 63

Hours: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM. Daily. Closed in the month of September

Inquisition Archives for the Kingdom Of Aragon 

The government of Aragon , under the Web Portal DARES , has the Inquisition Documents of Aragon digitized . Searched can be made by regións in Aragon at the following website:

Archivo Historico Nacional

Calle Serrano 115

28006, Madrid

Tel: (34) 917 68 85 00

Web: E

This is a rich archive with Medieval Documents Including  land sales, disputes, Notarial records, Inquisition Records.The records date back to the 1200s. There are civil and eclesiastical  records as well as many private collections. Here you can also locate the records pertaining to certain Houses of Royalty. There is an abundant amount of material that has been uploaded and is available at no charge on line. A very  comprehensive collection.