Spain-Zamora Jewish and Converso names from the Region of Zamora

Jewish and Converso Names from the Region of Zamora

This list was compiled by my colleague Professor Jesus Jambrina who has been working tirelessly for many years

Bringing to light the Jewish Heritage of the Zamora Region in Spain. He is also responsible for placing Jewish signage in Zamora, for organizing seminars yearly in Zamora and creating Centro Isaac Campanton as well as Zamora Sefardi. I took special interest in his work because Fermoselle, the Village of My Ancestors is in Zamora.

Jewish last names from the Historical Archive documents in Zamora, Spain. Most are from the 12th to the 18th centuries, some are from Inquisitorial cases in Portugal, mainly Tras Os Montes, but with declared residency in Zamora.  I have maintained the spelling from the original documents, most are easily transcribable to modern orthography. When the last name is not a direct reference from the city of Zamora, the town or city is mentioned, as well as any other data or information helping to clarify reference on the last name.

Nombres Judios y de Conversos en la Region de Zamora en España

Esta lista fue recopilada por mi colega, El Profesor Jesus Jambrina, quien ha estado trabajando incansablemente para traer a luz las memorias Sefardies de la Region de Zamora.

El tambien es el responsible por crear letreros mostrando donde estaba la Juderia de Zamora, y El Centro Isaac Campanton para difundir la informacion asi como Zamora Sefardi que es la Organizacion que todos los años da una conferencia academica en Zamora sobre el tema.