American Sephardic Federation

A powerhouse site covering all programming and news of the Sephardic world in English

ASF Institute of Jewish Experience

The education arm of the ASF will keep you updated on all happenings In the Sephardic World housing databases for Sephardic Research and more.

This website is established to give lists of available archives in the world as well as bibliographies and a names database with over 60,000 entries

Canary Islands

Museo Canario has a website in Spanish but many of the Canary Islands Inquisition records can be found here.


This website in Spanish covers the most innovative daily information on Sephardic Life, Genealogy and all other information to understand comprehensively the past and current Sephardi. From recipes, to radio and TV shows, events and personal as well as academic articles, this site covers it all.


On FamilySearch, you can start your genealogy search with Historical Collections that span many countries around the world. You must look under special collections and click on a map of the region you are searching for. You will be able to trace families via all the uploaded records of the Catholic Church.

Genealogy Española

Genealogical research for Spanish ancestry tracing. (Site is Spanish only)

Italian Geneaology

The leading resource for those who undertake research into their Italian Genealogy.

Les Fleurs de L’Orient

This site contains the Genealogy of the Most important Sephardic Families from the Ottoman Empire and beyond; a Forum & Documents as submitted by members of the Fleurs de l’Orient.

Last Wills and Testaments

This site, Synagogue Scribes has many  last wills and testaments from London that covers Portuguese merchants which were Crypto-Jewish


MyHeritage puts you on the path to personal discovery with DNA tests focused on answering many of the questions of your ancestry. This site also has comprehensive listings of special historical collections to continue your research.

Name Your Roots

Name Your Roots facilitates personalized discovery of ancestral heritage. Many books are referenced for a comprehensive search into the past with actual bibliographies

Pares-Portal de Archivos Españoles

This site is in Spanish yet it is the combines listings of all records available in Spain. Everything from Inquisition records to land sales and last wills and testaments

Sephardic Genealogy

Contains many unique databases that can help you in your research but focus is mostly on the Sephardim that left Spain and not those that stayed as Crypto Jews yet the databases are rich in history.

Society for Crypto-Judaic Studies (SCJS)

The Society for Crypto–Judaic Studies (SCJS) fosters the research of the historical and contemporary development of crypto–Jews of Iberian origin. On this site, many articles about the history of the Crypto-Jews will be found

Tarbut Sefarad

Tarbut Sefarad Cultural Association online research and information (Spanish only). This is a great website. Every single City and village in Spain has its’ own representative that is very knowledgeable on the Jews of that town. ( Spanish only)

Torre Do Tombo This website is in Portguese but you are able to search through throusands of Inquisition Documents, Church records and any event in Portugal